kanana vasa kaliyuga varadha

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  1. It’s a good site and very usefull.

  2. swamiyai saranamayyapa… Please give more facilites to outside pilgrims for Swamy darsan……

  3. 9972891112

  4. swmiye ayyappa

  5. for people coming thro peruvazhi is there any arrangement done like q booking? if any one have an idea pls

  6. I am coming from Abu Dhabi to Kerala for Ayappa Darshan this year with much relief because I booked in e-qsystem which ,as far as I know, will avoid the many hours long waiting on pilgrim path.Every year the old Q system is a night mare because the running devotees dont care our children and old parents.Myself beng a heart parient can not be defensive very much.Congratulation to the police Ayappan who thought of this new system .The whole police force in sabarimala have been doing their praiseworthy tasks for a long period.This is really a mile stone.Devotees like us expect more from police ayappans.

  7. please help me to get E Ticket Swami…..09740150299

  8. I booked the E – ticket on the internet which is very good. I went to nadapandal and they allowed me to go to 18 steps directly… and there was separate line for this.

    I saw Swami Ayyappa in just 5 mins… and saw Mangal Amman, navagara, etc in another 10 mins…. without ticket it could have taken 2-4 hours.

    The E-ticket was excellent… thank to kerala govt and Swami Ayyappan…

    *** Note the tickets are valid only for one person… not for the groups.

    Please take individual tickets for all the member in the group who are visiting Swami Ayyappan.

    Swami Ayyappan Saranam.

  9. saranam ayyappa — I booked Q coupen on 05-12-2011 for the date of 21-12-2011 for 8.00 AM, but lost the registration number. How can I retrive the same and print. Plz help me.

  10. i like this song and i want to go Q ticket pls help me swami

  11. i like this song and i want to book q ticket pls help me

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  13. hi sharanappa i am profesinali working as press reporter in sedam taluka gulbarga dist karnataka state i must like this on line darshan coupan boking thanku very much kerala police

  14. I need ayyappa swami q on line booking please help me

  15. Good way thanks for your idea

  16. i like this song very much……


  18. How can book q ticket pls help me swamy.

  19. swami saranam

  20. online system i like you